I curently don't own a blu-ray player or TV but it sounds pretty Neat.
3-D Content coming to Blu-Ray Disks for those owning a Blu-Ray Players cable of firmware upgrades. Example:
The first to get it will probly be the playstation 3 Video Game console.
It gets updated everytime a new blu-ray update occurs. 
It currentlys sits on top of compatiblity and other issues and also plays games too.
I like cartoons myself but you might like concerts or sporting events.
It would be neat to watch in
1080 P the movie  "Bolt" or possibly "Meet The Robinsons"
or  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience


I allway moving forward is a good thing. Having the war over between HD-Dvd and Blu-ray was good thing. Now you can upgrade the computer to Hd as cheep as $200 for blu-ray player and new graphics card or you can buy a cheep blu-ray player for $99 or
get it going on with a PlayStation 3 from sony.
It would also be neat if they could somehow use this technolgy in current LCD tv's
like watching the A football game or sporting event in 3D would be cool or movie..
I am hoping to see demostrations of these at CES 2010 in Vegas but i don't know if
I can get there yet. It would be cool to see these and other new techinology goodies.

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