Those Nasty Bonuses

I think the bonuses should be given back by people whom recieved them but not forced to by Legal or Taxed to death methods. I also believe that A.I.G. should be broken up and sold. Why broken up and sold? Because they have  shown through actions now that they see no end to our American Tax Payer Support. They act like Fortune 500 company that trades for 35 dollars a share not a strugling company that trades $1.50. I think that A.I.G. is great American company but needs a spanking.  A spanking could be they vounteering to return the bonuses. They, from what I have read have already chosen to do just that. Next by possibly spinning off of Profitable devisions and  sale of property of investments or properties. A.I.G. might still make it out of this current situtation like chrysler did. But now we have chrysler needing hand too so it may never end.  I stll believe that these and other American companies can turn it around with the right person leading them and by working real hard to turn thier company around. Sometimes, I think they need to look in side the company and find thier rough necks or Michael Dells or Bill Gates.

Next, I do not want any Bills pasted in Congress for taxation of Bonous at 90%. That is Taxation without Representation. What next could occur is a postal worker tax raised from 15 to 45% because he works for company controled by government.. It opens the door for greedy congress to get thier hands on to American wallets.  So I Say


On Taxation of Bonouses.

Later and have a Great Week


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