Upcoming Events you might like to attend..

this is off the flyer I got
this Saturday after Parade

America supports you Texas
Our Military Men and Women



Directly after the Tri-State Fair

in Amarillo Texas

8th & Buchanan

Directly across from downtown postoffice

Sponcered by

Great Body Shop:


Advance Collision

Body Shop

"Tow it to Bernard's"

Bar-B-Que Sandwich-drinks-chips only
$5.00 Coca Cola

All proceeds gp tp Support the Texas

Veterans Honor flight

to Washington D. C.  Sign up to Win a

2009 Chevy Silverado Pickup

For $10

I may and may not if work doesn't interfer
or funds might be problem (gas,food ect.) did attend read update….

Sponcered in part by Good folks @ Westgate Chevorlet and Cadillac


Updated 9-20-2009

I went to Bar-B-Que 

It was great food very tasty.

You got Bar-B-Que Sandwich,some chips and small coke for $5

I decided I was hungry and wanted to show my support so Baught two.

I Hope you went and got some too!


Don't forget next is Biker Sunday Amarillo

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