I am back in Amarillo, Texas.

I was unable to find work as much as i like in Los Angeles so I decided that i would travel back to Amarillo.

I glad to be back in town of my birth.

I am still planing on writing articles over some of pictures in my photo-gallery.

I haven’t gotten the time to create the articles. I doing most of my work from the library and my photo-gallery is not compatible with Internet Explorer.It works fine with FireFox, opera, and safari.

I been traveling on foot again here and I notice that Amarillo Buses don’t have places for Bikes like the Los Angles ones do. I don’t believe that you can even take a bike onto a bus here.


New Articles for your enjoyment

Carls Bad Beach Article

Stir-Fry Article

Trip to try-out for Deal or No Deal (didn’t get on 🙁 ) and  Venice Beach and then to Santa Monica and Westside Eclectic Comedy Club  for a Improv Class Article

  Train Station Article (back in April 2008)

things to do for this website but some already have photo’s in Space’s Photo Gallery.

Interview things and links to jobs sites article

Trump Institute Event and free Book "Trump: Think like Billionaire" Article (both were entertaining)


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