Have you ever noticed Ball Caps and T-shirts? T-shirts with wild colors. Ball Caps with Teams and company logo's all about. The person whom created them designed a brilliant Advertising Program with outsight. Where else you buy a product or service and advertise it for them for free or better yet you pay for product then wearing it you market thier products,services or Teams.  You wear your favorite Ball cap out with a Longhorn on it.  Someone not familier with longhorn asks you were you baught it. He ranches in africa. You tell him wal-mart but before he leaves he asks again about it. You tell him about the Univercity of Texas and what it means to you. He later returns home and looks it up on "Google" or "on the Internet." He gets interested in Unverity of Texas and later goes there for School. And so it goes on and on with OU, "The Cowboys", Patroits, Rangers and even Playboy's. So, Next time you walk down the street with a T-shirt or Ball Cap you are spreading a message of a Product, Service, a Team, Just supporting the Troops/Nation. A Ball Cap or T-shirt can create bold point or it might be hard to hand it. So in Mind Eye keep eye out on what you are Advertising.

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