About a Year ago I Listened/ read Dale Carney’s “Win Friends and Influence People”. I learned how to write and be a better friend,boss ect. A big hint is to listen to others. Learn their Names (Still one of my hardest things I try to do.. but i do try more now.) If you can lead from example it helps. I think it was  a great audio Book and decided that it was useful so i tried to keep reading. Recently been reading some books on self improvement and because they are interesting. The first one is Odditude: Finding the Passion for Who You Are and What You Do.

The Book is about being “ODD” not Even.  Being “ODD” you are yourself and proud of it and you have passion about your daily life. The other side story deals with How the author watches his daughter grow up and deals with life struggles (of first grade) and those insights of fatherhood.  The author applied to many schools and got rejection notices saying he was not worth it. He did get accepted then later became a great teacher then Professor and then a Motivational  Speaker. He had students come into his office to quit and see his framed rejection notices and later decide to struggle on through.  They decided to Be “ODD not EVEN”

Next Book I listen to was about “How to make people like you in 90 Secs or less” by Niicholas Boothmen.The author a fashion photographer and author or many books wrote this. I am in still the process of understanding and comprehending this book it would have been a great companion book for Dale Cardines book “How win Friends and Influence people”.  In How to Make People like you in 90 Secs or less the author  explains how to people power in first 90secs. Next impressions; What type of impression you make on the other person. Next is rapport and then Attitude and how your attitude effects the situation and or how your attitude can make it worst or better. I can see how this effects my daily life. It is the person choice and your actions do speak louder than some of your words. Next comes Synchrony is used. Next and also important is know the other person sensory preference. Their is the Visual Person who speakes in Visual words like analyze, angle appear,aspect,blind, clear, envision,diagram staring,vision ect.  Words and visual clues of their eyes moving to a upper right or the upper left while talking or remembering. Says things like   “we are company of vision” or “lets get some perspective”… Next is Auditory person that speakers and Listens auditory Wise like call,debate, earful, earshot, scream, report, pronounce question ect. Uses Fraze’s like “sounds familiar” or “Tell me more” or “I didn’t like his tone of voice.”  The auditory person eyes move to left, right sides or left corner  of the thier eyss. The author retells a story about a father realizing his son was Auditory and how he always pointed his ear to dad while he spoke and father was mad because of it but because his son was trying focus and listen. The father said after hearing his lecture he wanted to go home and hug his son. And, lastly; Kinesthetic Person or Feeling Person and how his/her feeling effect their life and how to talk to them,  The kinesthetic person  might use words like “catch on, solid, stain, handle, hunch,hurt,support, unravel ect to explain his or her life. The may uses fazes like “How do you feel about it?..” or She came to grips with the problem or I can/can’t  handle the pressure. Eyes clues might be to left corner of the eyes.

These are great books and might be worthy of reading.

Hey, I hope you have a great week and take a chance and go to library and catch up on few more books.


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