I had the Opportunity to talk to a Bell Ringer while Coming/Going into Shop at Wal-Mart or at Mall.  I noticed that the Individual was clean shaven, shirt was pressed and worked in a professional manor.  He wished me a Merry Christmas and I told him have a great day.  I later went to the Mall that same day and saw another Bell Ringer a female and also noticed she took pride in her dress and appearance. The Bell Ringers stood at in Cold on Cold Days and worked on the few warm days of Christmas Season. They asked for donations in form of Cash or Coin. They did not ask for anything in return but they did wish that you can give them by helping out their prospective charity's.  This gave mean Idea that other employer's should look at Bell Ringers as Professional Workers/Talent after the Christmas Season and give them the opportunity to work for them or thier company.

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