I have  big problem with ethanol. How it is produced now in U.S. It is produced out of Corn for use in cars and trucks. It  only uses few parts of plant also. The Special Corn used for Ethanol production is dangerous for Human and live stock eat and can cross polinate. So you are not suppose to grow it close to another corn crop for human consumption. A few years ago it was used by error and Taco Bell had to force a major recall and cause so injuries when it got mistaken put into corn flower tortillias.  The Brizialians create Cellulosic Ethanol  but because of farms prices here in U.S. the government will not let us import thier product but we import Venezuela
? Yeah Chavez is are buddy ? Heck No.  We should switch to brazil methold or Import it.  Go  back and produce  corn that is good to eat and not dangerous for Human or animals.  GM and Coskata partner to bring transform the way ethanol is mass produced. And I say Great Job GM that is the way to produce the product. It uses the majority of the plant and can use other stuff as products to produce it like Old Tires and ect.

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