Well been  a buzzzy week so sorry i haven’t done my job.

I wanted to create a lot articles and content but work and registering for school been a lot time consuming things to do.

work. It also different from going to show and getting content off web.

I went to the show in 2007 and hope to return in 2013 maybe. I got down because

 i wasn’t there.

I am creating some content now.



aand also this video


saw this orginally at WinBeta (great site full of true bata news)

This pretty cool muti-touch windows based window. neat thing is when you come home it can stream say your netflixs or watch you local TV channels or have your hotel know where to pickup a person using google maps ect.


kinda boring guy but he gets the point accross..)



this off youtube..

Gorilla Glass Demo at CES 2012 pretty cool. I seen so many Iphones that could use this. or Android phones to make it where the glass doesn’t break when you drop it. looks like cool demo.


SmartWatch from Sony looks like apple nano on watch but its not.

it works with android and pretty cool. The guy there explains it in begining and end about

being aware what new technology can do. I like it if i had a new android smart phone.


 so far added alot stuff

planning on looking at youtube and searching intenet


 great give me


if you thought anything of interest

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