Howdy, It’s Space again here in CES Day Three Coverage from Space’s Box by Space Jan 2007. Well I decided to go to the Hilton and check out the Wares their.  I got to see the wares from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. It was really Cool and Interesting.

I went their and forgot my memory card because I left it in my laptop and Nice Company allowed me to use one of theirs.. A One GIG 50X model. So I took a lot of photo’s..

  • Saw LCD that was water proof
  • Sound System for the Home user / Gamer that was 5.1 Headsets
  • LCD’s TV’s and Monitors
  • LCD’s in Frames that looked a lot like pictures that you could hang on your Walls
  • Various connectors
  • A steam Cleaner product
  • Microwaves and Vacuum cleaners
  • Memory Maker that relabels memory to your brand(received the 50x 1 gig from this company witch I Owe thanks
  • Various USB Keys (cool looking ones too)


I walked around so much stuff was looking alike so I decided to go. I went to MGM and purchase a Ticket to “La Femme ” and wanted to check out Tabú Club . I purchase a gift for my nethews a shirt with a tiger on it red and blue.. and went to Hard Rock to get some shirts for my Sister and Brother in law.. (They always bring me a cool shirt back…So I was gona do it for them too..)  then I went back to hotel and went to the gift shop and purchased some more shirts for my brother and dad and went to the Mexican food that tasted  great and went to my hotel room.. I took a shower  and rested. I then went out and used the Internet Downstairs again ..  I went to MGM Grand. I went to See La Femme. It was really Cool and the dancers really Sync’d  well. It was slightly better than Bite.. I then headed over to Tabú Club. I had to wait a hour but it was well worth it. It was really cool place to hang out. I was lucky that two American Importers got me in. I owe them thanks. The Club was very High fashion. I went to another club then headed back to Hotel so I could Upload my Day Three Coverage ( I had to do that downstairs at  StarBucks becuase the Stratosphere wifi in room was poor.) and ect. On the way to room off the elevator I saw a CES bag that looked a lot like the one I picked up at CES.. I went to my room @ Stratosphere  and noticed that my gift bags(from Hard Rock located beside Hard ROCK Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas  , MGM and Stratosphere gift shops were all  gone. I changed my door key at that time with Stratosphere  and went back to room. I was really mad so I decided to leave and get a drink somewhere else and later returned and conducted a inventory and realized that all gift bags are gone, so are my Mp3 players, My dictation unit, and My Samsung 5 Meg Camera and my New Memory Stick with all my photos of Day Three were also gone! So Day went from great to Very Bad.. The Only good my other stuff was  there. I am guessing that my stuff was stolen when I went out to use the internet earlier before I went to the Show “ The Feme”  Anyone gets Samsung 5 meg camera with 1 gig card with pics of CES with stuff listed above please contact me. .

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