My Host had problems with his Computer so my website went down. Its back up and working and i am trying to find out what exactly happened.  More about that later.

IF you are interested in our (USA) Boder and its defence or lack of one check this Glenn Beck Post out

Here .. 

IF you are interested in seeing   Squirrel Impossible 2  a kick ass film of a Squirrel traveling a long gonlet of difficult tasks

check out here 


If you want quiet cooling for your PC  you might check out this article by guru3d

check here  .. 


 IF you have a  Link Sys Router and want to try a  alternative firmware to unlock more functions












You can go over to  DD-Wrt Website here

Firmware Here


And Finially Reading is Important to me

Your Local Library has gone digital


find out here for a link to your locat library

The overdrive connection to your Local Library has Audiobooks , and in some locations

it has ebooks, Videos, and music and Audio Books and lots more

example would be Ney York City Library Connection or Los Angles Connection

 or Harrington Library Consortium in amarillo texas.

 Also recommend Bean free library for ebooks

located here  1632 and Aploase Troll are good books to read.


thanks for coming by and have a great day







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