Cooking up Stir-fry Rice with Teriyaki


Michael J Gulde aka: Space

I wanting to be creative so i took this with my Kodak  HD ZxD

I was wanting to teach people how to make Stir- Fry Rice with Teriyaki  Sauce

and i used rice cooked in Microwave container.

I placed this on You Tube and haven’t gotten many hits so i decided to place it here too.



Part 1 of 14


Part 2 of 14


Part 3 of 14


Part 4 of 14


Part 5 of 14


Part 6 of 14


Part 7 of 14


Part 8 of 14


Part 9 of 14


Part 10 of 14


Part 11 of 14


Part 12 of 14


Part 13 of 14


Part 14 of 14

That’s it fellas

Youtube link

I was trying to be creative but if you like this one also check out these i stir-fried for my Uncle Joe and my other family members’

I am not a professional Cook!

I do like to cook.

I would like feedback

contact me here

Michael aka Space

this is my  previous stir -fry article

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