Looks like fun on that Great Barrier Reef trip or Trip down to Cancoon with this Baby.. 

also if you need your flash drive for your pictures after the memory card files up

Use this one!






Also on mac end check these out 🙂

mac doc








Docing a sub Mac into a Doc/IMAC  so you have a regular Keybaord and Mouse cool..

Here a look at Sub MAC GOING INTO THE imcc ABOVE!















I am still trying to Attend CES in Vegas But I have  a Money problem if anyone want to sponcer me out

there or want to donate i would Greatly Appricate it.

 Paypal on left and click Donate.










CES is Week of 07 to 14 this coming Week


I would run your product or service here or on my other sister sites if you want me to.

Trade of services or





Harty Thank you  


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