My name is Michael. I am returning to college for first time in 9 years. I recently inrolled in local college and working a partime job. I enjoy bloging on spacesbox and showing you my readers NEW Technology, Photography and blog how to articles and other stuff. I wanted to attend CES and AVN but finances cause me to do a double take. I am going to try to update my site with new content. I am trying to keep spacesbox family friendly but I am also looking into creating other websites and other content. I would love to hear from any readers through


Click Here — my e-mail .


I would love your opinion on my recent youtube post and ect and my youtube channel at Http://www.youtube.com/spaceacer

Thanks and have great week ..

Space—Michael G

  • Consulting
  • on subject like computers, networks and photography ect.
  • Creation of Websites

-> like these

Http://www.spacesbox.com <– my favorite




check out my photogallery

Technology howtos




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