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Free 3d Gaming on the Internet!

This Podcast covers some free games that you can download and play.

Here are the Links :

www.armagetronad.net  for Armagetron Ad

http://sourceforge.net/projects/armagetronad/ to download the game

Click here!  or select here and click download

Family Freiendly play and lots of fun and grinding!

here a pic of the game

 Urban Terror 4.0 I. O version

3d Shooter with Heart Pounding Action! 

more for Teen And Adult because it has Violense and gore


Both the ioUrbanTerror and Urban Terror installers come in a .zip and a .exe format. The .exe files are recommended for windows users. Linux/mac users should use the .zip files. The .exe files and .zip files contain exactly the same data, the .exe files just makes installing easier. Win2K/WinME/Win98/Linux users also need updated BattlEye files if they use ioUrbanTerror, check the article below this one.
More information: here.

Urban Terror and ioUrbanTerror are seperate downloads. Urban Terror can run on Q3A or on ioUrbanTerror.

ioUrbanTerror (1-6MB):

Urban Terror (550MB):

.exe: E4CD6FA2D8C59F2368698B0224A25A78
.zip: B04C192EEBDEE5A4BE6F33954E0723B7
.exe: AE488104F4B515C904CD5087ED6ABF0F
.zip: 4AEC86405B548B041686F92EB584CBF9

here a pic of it also:

Urban Terror Pic


you  can also look at

Spacesbox RS Galery Photo Gallery

and look at this gallery of  Pics

here! Free 3d Games 


also on last thing if you have flash on your computer or your Wii

you can go here and play some free flash games



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