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This is the tiny Geforce GT 430

I bought it from local Computer Parts Supplier used:  CPU.

It was a rock solid card.

I installed it it worked flawlessly and was much more quiet than my aging 8600Gt and required less power.  I had to return iit due to money issues. I have been facing.

I played with it for 3 days. It played all my current games generals Zero hour and  Urban Terror and some other older games. I didn’t have time to do a proper Review with benchmarks and like.

I liked that it had a HDMI port so that you could connect it to a LCD Screen or TV.

I liked it had a older monitor port so i could get it connected t my older monitor i got at a thrift store when mine up an died.

Here is is beside my dual tuner tv card*. With this card i can make my desktop into a Tivo like device with Windows Seven Media Center Edition.

This is good if connected to a modern  LCD TV to make a media Hub.

You can see here how small this graphic card is by the picture above.

I did test it the day i did have it.

It played videos and other content.

I did score in in the computer / system / system rating and rated about the same as my aging 8600gt.

8600gt is driectX 8.1 and Geforce 430gt is Directx 9.1

geforce gt 8600 had two dual dvi connections requiring a convertor for older monitors

geforce gt 430 did not require one

Ge force gt 430 did not require as much power 600 watt power supply.

*My Tuner can record two shows at the same time on regular cable tv.



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