i would like you to think of Others this 
Xmas or Christmas
or CHRIST-mas 
I am going to leave this on top of this Website and of All my Posts because it is Important:;I tried to help others when i had some extra money but now, I don’t have alot of funds so I am using my  web Site.

I ask that you might think about others during Christmas and Donate to some of my favorite Charities:
Also currently they are shipping presents to the troops through


I would recommend:
I would remmend dropping off a new or new like toy at Toys for Tots Barrow’s at your local specialty Store they are red and you can’t miss the red train on them located at Wal-mart, Best Buy and Circuit City and Others. Or Click the link or Image  and do it Electronically..


Next :
sa usa


The Salvation Army   They always help those in need. 

and I hope you have a Happy and Joyful Christmas Season 

Please click contact Us or click  contact me 


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