Happy Halloween 2011

this is photo of a Halloween pic i did back in 2008

no money on that walmart card… lol

I was lucky as i walking out of R&R.. I was looking for someone but didn’t find my friend but i did talk to the Great Bouncer and nice guy Donald..but i meet these nice people and they asked me what they were and i knew but did not remember..

do you? on bottom is read more and it has the answer and more info when they e-mail me later today.

Hey have a good time and drink reponsibly and if you can xray uncertain candy or don’t eat it.. also keep it safe and very fun .. i will be working for part of day..

Have fun Trick or treating and also look out for kids Trick or treating all day long and weeekend too

also don’t forget its all saints day

on tomorrow on November the 1.


happy halloweenrr




answer to question is:

the man with saw is :

Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell)

Army of Darkness


Next girl is

Milla Jovovich as Leeloo (Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat)

the last is out of children cartoon

but i did not get name so help me by

contacting me click here and telling me

I also want to applogize for not remembering she did tell me.

I asked if i could use thier image and they approved if they would like taken down also e-mail me or contact the above address…on left below home


A really pretty girl dressed as “little bo peep” (blue dress) did this photo of me on sat 29..

I was tried and had to go home so i can be at work early i wish i had the chance to go dancing at the nat with her and see the 3 DJ that night

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