Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day for all the mothers out there.

Now it doesn’t take a baby to be a mother.

A sister helping out her mom could be looked as mother.

A three great sisters for me watching over and helping a little brother after mothers death a long time ago became like mothers to me and now its difficult to see them as mothers themselves for a long time to. I love the adoption commercial gladney where there were 3 little ducks and a puppy dog falling the and daddy and mommy duck watching out at begening and end.

I grew up in house full of love.

I have 6 mothers now.

My mother and my three older sisters are my other mothers too.


I have 3 olders sisters and my dad remarried J and latter Married B.

I use intials because alway nice to ask first..



Happy Mother’s Day

and Have great weekend

Michael J Gulde aka space from Spacesbox.com

also one last thing…

some times mothers are just mothers to people the need help or been kind to. A few ladies along the way have been nice doing nice thing like my laundry, giving rides and giving me a ear to talk too, so Hope you have a great day

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