I recently had the oportunity  to go to Amway / Quicktar Meeting. It was interesting meeting about Working from Home and making money and profit.

The folk that held it have made it thier life and had passion about it. They are very successful and are working with my younger brother. He is a great sales person. I can talk about Ideas and theroies but when it comes to selling products my brother does a better job. I like to give out all the necessary information and sale you with info not product. I was impressed how the couple  took care of thier family and grew thier successful buniness. That is why i mention Quickstar/Amyway in my Millionaire in Mirror Podcast/ Book review. They gave me some samples of : Cranberry-Grape Blast  and  Wild Berry Blast  and  Nutrilite® Rhodiola Supplement  .  I thought they tasted well and were of good quality. They spoke of business model , it sound good but the costs are just too high for me to join at the current time with my finances that are kinda low. If you would like to try these out your self my brothers website is Health Sports Nutrition. I believe in my brothers and Am-way / Quickstar is great Company.

Thanks and have a great day,

Michael G. 


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