i was wondering what work is there other than being a model/ actress/ marketing/ advertising/retail/model/ acting managment /cooking/ butler/  real estate and other interesting ect jobs in  in your field.   I  have a partime job and happy working but was wondering what income possibly are out there or if you could could you give me what a usual day is life in life is? I have a website www.spacesbox.com i thinking of adding a day in life possibly even starting a day in life webstite

ask a lady about she was a tanker trunk driver of milk
she told me about how the truck moved when the milk moved from starting stopping ect.
if you want to tell me about your life and want to keep it Public or Anonymous i would love to read your story and post it.
I will probly not be able to give you anything but  a Thank You..
here is my contact
If I get alot of these i will make a contact just for day in life..


Been talking to people all my life asking about there life and listening. I try to do best the remember i really haven’t writen any down but decided i myte do it

like all these post last few days and weeks. I hoping to let people see people life is same but different from one field to anthor due to family, friends and ect also church or no church.

long story but plan to post more in few weeks if anything comes of it.



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