How to Talk so People Listen "Connecting in Today's Workplace"by Sonya  Hamlin

I read this book so that i could get some insight in speaking to people and through that connecting to people at work, home and at play.
The title is little over top in drama but over all the book was good to read. I do recommend read it or check it out at your local Library.
The author recommend to read first 2 chapters then if you need to skip to area that you think you need work on. I read it through from start to finish.
I like how she looked at things through new set of eyes. She worked also in Television and how it used to reach people in short levels of time.
It was interesting. She spoke about Boomers 45-65 gen X's  27-45 and generation y and also different cultures. How your interactions change
with people you have relations with. It also speaks in next chapter about technology changes from books-spoken to TV and later Internet. And how these
changes has effected the work environment. How understand the others persons view points and how solve issues in interpersonal issues. She spoke
about effects of PowerPoint and use of colors. How to make your presentation more dramatic.


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