I had some issues with Suddenlink

I contacted Suddenlink when I helping a family member access thier Webmail one night.

I thought if you typed Webmail.suddenlink.com in you would get Webmail.

It did nothing then and now.

Mail.suddenlink.com works now.

I don't know if it for company E-mails or for Customer's.

Then i think it did not.

I tried mail.suddenlink.net 

It doen't seem to work now or then.

I tried webmail.suddenlink.net and 

it now redirects to Home.suddenlink.net

this might be new or possibly hadn't tried it at the time.

I requested that they might have a E-mail or get your E-mail link on www.Suddenlink.com

It seems not to happen.

People must assume they need to click on Home.sudenlink.net or my suddenlink for those services.

On the Flipside:

I will say also that

When i had Suddenlink cable, Tv (Digital Tivo Box and Regular Cable) and High Speed Internet it was the Best service most of time.

Great to play games and spending time playing games and talking with my younger brothers,also  watching shows off Streaming services .

Or downloading content to my personal computers.


P.S. I Do not have Service with Suddenlink,Clear or Any Dsl Provider at this time because of income issues.



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