Microsoft created a Photo Sync program!

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and I. D. Software showing off thier new 3d Engine

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These two are really interesting  in that you could see so much detail information.



 Also I read these  recently on

 Wow Gold farming in China! Play a Game and Farm GOLD (game gold) to and turn it into real money
 though it real low paying wages being China and all.

Click Here at NEW YORK TIMES  

P.S. Looks like work at Mc Donalds is better paying..


Ubuntu Linux Validates As Genuine Windows

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Kinda Funy being Genuine Windows is Microsoft’s way of stopping  theft of software.

I truely think that Microsoft should go to a USB KEY for  Valendating Windows Ownership.

Most users don’t steal and sometime don’t want to take all the time and work to Validate windows 

so Microsft is telling us that we steal the OS.  Microsoft is driving IT’s Customers Away.  To linux or Mac OS 10.

You can watch the Video here

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and you may need the Videolan Player to watch it

Click here for download page

Click here for Windows Version

 Click here for 7zip program the uncompress  the file

It also works with zip, arc, rar and other formats too 

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