Looks like a guy lost the Non-Released Iphone Possibly 4g in bar.

It was mistake and i think alot people make when drinking and relaxing at a bar.

I don’t think the engineer should be fired and maybe remanded but not fired.

For crying out loud it was his birthday.

take a look at gizmodo

This Is Apple’s Next iPhone

The Next iPhone, Dissected

Gizmodo takes the beta unit apart. I would probably make sure its legal to do this before hand. What i missed from this is this the Verizon Iphone or or World Iphone (cdma networks Aka Sprint and Verizon & GSM networks aka At@t and ect) On dissection no cdma information was available. Also not available was if it was lite version (new high speed data Verizon and At&t are setting up to  update 3g to 4g)


How Apple Conceals Prototype iPhones

Is this how they conceal a prototype or more to the point protect it from damage? ect.

Nice to see the guts mostly of what makes up a iphone.


Android Phone OS on A Iphone pretty cool!


What’s neat is like mac os with bootcamp you could possibly run two OS on a laptop (aka windows and OS 10) or if apple quits supporting your Iphone* product (like the original Iphone just announced..) you could possibly update to Android. Though it looks like older version of android not 2.1 and a lot things still not working completely. but was pretty cool. I like technology.

Please note:

I like Android 2.1 OS

play with at Verizon store

also played with Iphone 3gs at At@t store and

a friend owns one, I help him with.

also they are great products.

I also writing articles on windows 7 phone coming out later this year.

Update 4-28-2010

Looks like Apple didn’t think kindly to having the product aired

or possibly wanted the person who found and possibly sold it.

click here and here

My Opinion was it was covered under freedom of speech (blogging and even paying for A lost Iphone (not stolen!) but taking apart myte have gone to far after apple admits its theirs’.

update 4-30-2010

man who found the iphone

named here

Steve Jobs attacks Adobe Flash as unfit for iPhone


I personalty think it should be the User who decides what on his or her device.

I think Steve should allow Adobe to create a flash app and then see if causes

all those problems or if people like it and use it.

I known people to jailbreak and possibly unlock their device because apple wants to make all their choices. Apple choose whats on the phone, what network it works on and what apps can be installed and also the rating of those apps.

Jailbreak = run unauthorized code like flash

unlock = run on different network say t-mobile or  at&t prepaid.

I also know more that do not. They play it, Steve jobs way. I personally admire Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I think they are superman in the world of Computers, smart-phones and net connected devices but i do believe their should be given freedom of choice like freed of speech.


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