World a safer World today I say No

and this is why…

The north Koren's are still creating nuclear bombs. They are working with allies some are our enemy's say Iranians. It might be possible for them to lunch weapons at our country from allie country( Cuba, venezuela)or with long range load outs or sumguled through our borders..

We should End the blockaid of Cuba and allow free trade because with free trade will loosen castro's power and  envenaully  freedom will be restored. We have free trade with China why not Cuba?

Next thing is we are backing ex-president of hondorus on getting his power back and who is our allie in this his buddy president of venezuela :Chavez.

We should back thier suppreme court and thier military of honderous because they are fallowing thier laws not our..

Lastly and Iranians and Isralies are having a friendly discussion on who can destroy who first. Personally I like Iran without nukes they can do kaos with words  without nukes why arm them with these too,. The Isrealies have the only democratic Country in middle east; where jews,muslims and christians work and live in peace when not being attacked by neighbors.

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