1. Here are some interesting things related to Ces 2011 today Jan 5
    some interesting are on 0 Day announcements on CES 2011http://bit.ly/gozteN
  2. i tried out Angry birds on View sonic 10 tablet its cool here they are on PC http://bit.ly/fpC9Yy
  3. here is some more info on the Amazon App store, reminds me of Apple Itunes apps store and lots of quality controlhttp://bit.ly/gGWXqo
  4. https://developer.amazon.com/welcome.html Amazon app Store coming out for Android
  5. i do like this new approach to 3D TV’s it lets the TV watch you and adjust and free of using glasses for us who wear…http://bit.ly/fIk4LB
  6. Sprint Intros new Mobile Wifi devices looks pretty cool taking advange of their Wimax product http://bit.ly/fn5goW
  7. Nvidia reveals their new mobile processor for gaming, HD linkage and other things http://bit.ly/hcoX8L
  8. I guess for use in Portables (arms are low power and portable, tho new chips from AMD and Intel could threaten Armhttp://bit.ly/hatdT0
  9. if I attend CES I would want Apple to be there in force its Consumer Electronics Show, Ipad, ipod ect are that http://bit.ly/fPMDpV
  10. I like this camera for its shock resistance and 5 x optical zoom and water resistant, though Olympus has one like thishttp://engt.co/dRQhx2
  11. I like this fuji, tho i use cannon, i like 30x optical it might give the Canon 30x optical a run for money. http://engt.co/f7j0o2
  12. New phones from HTC And others look pretty coolhttp://engt.co/gc5JqJ
  13. Driving to vegas for ces, thought about it decided cost would be to high after paying my bills biweekly rent,food,ect http://bit.ly/goht53Probly covering CES ON PC AT Home in Amarillo Texas.  : (
  14. also need to go by optical and get my glasses fixed they seem tilt to much, otherwise they been great.. shouldn’t be issue..( need new ones guess i get these next month need to budget for them,,


read more at My twitter feed but i will try to update spacesbox when i can 🙂

updates are on most pages look for READ More link some articles have only intros..

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