Jan 6 coverage of CES 2011

  1. now this is good, about time more unlock cellphones are out in the USAhttp://engt.co/gb6fBi

  2. looks like future combat looks cool but what happens if emp is used is it garbage? http://engt.co/gW80H5

  3. well i thought inkjets and lazer was fas this is like a Farri to themhttp://engt.co/eGBEs4

  4. here a second look at that smart phone controlled toy ball, looks like great use of time at/on break from homeworkhttp://engt.co/gHMFhh

  5. this scanner reminds me of James bond or Burn Notice spy’shttp://engt.co/hRjEGx

  6. I still don’t why you would want boxee on Ipad but i understand vudu stream pay for view.. http://engt.co/dHX6kg

  7. looks like Lady Gaga is working with Polaroid, looks pretty sweethttp://engt.co/h6soEJ

  8. If you like Scifi or BBC Scifi then you know what this Police box is, Dr, Who Tardis http://engt.co/eQOmy3

  9. If you watch tv, you seen the ads from Direct TV looks like GI Joe well this is the Tv to make the Hardware work! http://engt.co/gfZlvm

  10. really looks the Tv companies are trying to take out computer/middle man here with the internet ready TV possiblyhttp://engt.co/gxaTlT

  11. the one on right reminds me of a blackberry and the one on the left looks pretty cool android Acer http://engt.co/fNZkbc

  12. I really like hulu free with pc it would cool if they would allow a little free with hulu plus for Phone/blue-rayect http://engt.co/dEuCWE

  13. Didn’t 3D movies and Tv’s just come out , now check out JVC’s full HD 3D camera http://engt.co/dOvxSw

  14. Samsung looks like they are producing nice electronics for world and neat new stuff to come http://engt.co/eNxG0B

  15. I really never knew GE made camera tell i saw one at work now they are making pretty nice looking one http://engt.co/g4jFil

  16. looks like Chinese phone makers are producing a nice android phone http://engt.co/fNarGd

  17. if its not built into your current blue-ray player looks like this orb is no brainier for $20 bucks http://engt.co/hGSnqP

  18. here is another looks at that Digital VCR like HD Hauppage Card, like it do the job.. but would you have a need it?http://engt.co/fnO478

  19. The New Sony Playstation Phone looks so sweet as phone and game machine, when on work break play some games coolhttp://engt.co/gRXKBw

    1. Cisco Streaming service is pretty neat basically brings amazons approach to streaming http://bit.ly/h9tnTE

    2. this is like AMD fusion and Intel’s Standy bridge, i guess nvidia needed a partner too, what is VIA going to do? http://bit.ly/fVn7gf

    3. game over indeed, though i wish atari was producing great games and game systems like they did in past instead of lawhttp://bit.ly/i3bNiR

    4. Colossus video card sounds pretty cool, might be the new digital VCR, but place nice with LCD or lcd tv’s? http://bit.ly/dQzt7w

    5. this is my current facebook, i lost acces to old one, need to contact facebook http://on.fb.me/gA2Ud4

    6. I am using google chrome 10 and yoono to post this to twitter and facebook its pretty easy to use http://bit.ly/gSib2s

    7. i really like this for mom watching kids or people checking up on there homes http://bit.ly/eWhtE5

    8. hands on Blackbery Playbook tablet but no sprint 4 included, still pretty cool new blackbery qnx os looks pretty sweethttp://bit.ly/gv0A1y

    9. Motorola Atrix phone, its first of many android Cloud phones, but nothing about processor, i was hoping for a tergrahttp://bit.ly/hnYt13

    10. Apple locks the purchase of software to a person with Apple New Mac App store, I still love fair use with CD & Dvdshttp://bit.ly/h9207Q

    11. i think new Motorola Moblity Unit will be profitable company if they keep doing what they are currently doing

    12. Will be doing web CES 2011 coverage after i finish with my laundry loads lots of laundry been advoiding it,


I need to do some more coverage and get some ces 2011 youtube keynotes up later
but i am tired and worked today(didn’t get to CES2011 had to stay in amarillo for work
and other responsibities, have a great day; space

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