Jan 6 coverage of CES 2011

  1. now this is good, about time more unlock cellphones are out in the USAhttp://engt.co/gb6fBi

  2. looks like future combat looks cool but what happens if emp is used is it garbage? http://engt.co/gW80H5

  3. well i thought inkjets and lazer was fas this is like a Farri to themhttp://engt.co/eGBEs4

  4. here a second look at that smart phone controlled toy ball, looks like great use of time at/on break from homeworkhttp://engt.co/gHMFhh

  5. this scanner reminds me of James bond or Burn Notice spy’shttp://engt.co/hRjEGx

  6. I still don’t why you would want boxee on Ipad but i understand vudu stream pay for view.. http://engt.co/dHX6kg

  7. looks like Lady Gaga is working with Polaroid, looks pretty sweethttp://engt.co/h6soEJ

  8. If you like Scifi or BBC Scifi then you know what this Police box is, Dr, Who Tardis http://engt.co/eQOmy3

  9. If you watch tv, you seen the ads from Direct TV looks like GI Joe well this is the Tv to make the Hardware work! http://engt.co/gfZlvm

  10. really looks the Tv companies are trying to take out computer/middle man here with the internet ready TV possiblyhttp://engt.co/gxaTlT

  11. the one on right reminds me of a blackberry and the one on the left looks pretty cool android Acer http://engt.co/fNZkbc

  12. I really like hulu free with pc it would cool if they would allow a little free with hulu plus for Phone/blue-rayect http://engt.co/dEuCWE

  13. Didn’t 3D movies and Tv’s just come out , now check out JVC’s full HD 3D camera http://engt.co/dOvxSw

  14. Samsung looks like they are producing nice electronics for world and neat new stuff to come http://engt.co/eNxG0B

  15. I really never knew GE made camera tell i saw one at work now they are making pretty nice looking one http://engt.co/g4jFil

  16. looks like Chinese phone makers are producing a nice android phone http://engt.co/fNarGd

  17. if its not built into your current blue-ray player looks like this orb is no brainier for $20 bucks http://engt.co/hGSnqP

  18. here is another looks at that Digital VCR like HD Hauppage Card, like it do the job.. but would you have a need it?http://engt.co/fnO478

  19. The New Sony Playstation Phone looks so sweet as phone and game machine, when on work break play some games coolhttp://engt.co/gRXKBw

    1. Cisco Streaming service is pretty neat basically brings amazons approach to streaming 

    2. this is like AMD fusion and Intel’s Standy bridge, i guess nvidia needed a partner too, what is VIA going to do? 

    3. game over indeed, though i wish atari was producing great games and game systems like they did in past instead of law

    4. Colossus video card sounds pretty cool, might be the new digital VCR, but place nice with LCD or lcd tv’s?

    5. this is my current facebook, i lost acces to old one, need to contact facebook http://on.fb.me/gA2Ud4

    6. I am using google chrome 10 and yoono to post this to twitter and facebook its pretty easy to use

    7. i really like this for mom watching kids or people checking up on there homes

    8. hands on Blackbery Playbook tablet but no sprint 4 included, still pretty cool new blackbery qnx os looks pretty sweet

    9. Motorola Atrix phone, its first of many android Cloud phones, but nothing about processor, i was hoping for a tergra

    10. Apple locks the purchase of software to a person with Apple New Mac App store, I still love fair use with CD & Dvdshttp://bit.ly/h9207Q

    11. i think new Motorola Moblity Unit will be profitable company if they keep doing what they are currently doing

    12. Will be doing web CES 2011 coverage after i finish with my laundry loads lots of laundry been advoiding it,


I need to do some more coverage and get some ces 2011 youtube keynotes up later
but i am tired and worked today(didn’t get to CES2011 had to stay in amarillo for work
and other responsibities, have a great day; space

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