1. Jan 7 coverage of CES 2011
  2. From the Web from Space at Spacesbox.com

  1. just got home from the store after helping my friend get groceries.. now doing CES coverage 🙂

  2. Microsoft keynote pretty interesting where they think things are heading http://bit.ly/hQ2tJG

  3. Android Honeycomb Showcase at Verizon is pretty neat, looks like Ipad might have valid competition http://bit.ly/ePFdJt

  4. i looking through some of youtube keynotes from Ces 2011http://bit.ly/eNCUfg

  5. CES 2011 Highs by Someone that attended kinda Interestinghttp://bit.ly/eTgCsj

  6. Blackberry Playbook Tablet will it be a contender this year?http://bit.ly/eQgVxQ

  7. CES 2011 Toys at CES 2011 http://bit.ly/hRH6iF

  8. Sony CES 2011 Glasses Free 3D LCD http://bit.ly/emOXvE

  9. Hands on a Motorola Xoom Tablet http://bit.ly/hPGc8I

  10. CES People Choice Award CES 2011at Cnet http://bit.ly/haIVM6

  11. Verizon View of Broadband as Key, I also agree that broadband is the key for Consumer Electronics but i wonder costhttp://bit.ly/fjU8uF

  12. Not on Ces but how to speed up old laptop, also one last thing is might try Ubuntu Linux on it.. http://lifehac.kr/ezZbah

  13. Looks like the New Apple Mac App store is doing quite well in first 24 hours http://bit.ly/g2exCQ

  14. I don’t own a smartphone yet but this i bug i been hearing alot about redirecting text messages to wrong contacthttp://bit.ly/eQroDc

  15. Like – another article if Iphone is coming to Verizon.. I think apple should open it up to all carriers.. http://bit.ly/e15r4f

  16. looks like i already talked about all the new tablets they had a CES 2011, (from web anyway).. http://bit.ly/gqeM3a

  17. Here is some of Ces Coverage from Gizmodo dot com, they got to attend CES 2011 and see some devices,toys and hdtv’shttp://gizmo.do/gVgyYS

  18. looks like some New HTDV’s are getting better and better and connecting all types of video too http://gizmo.do/gmysIb

  19. looks like Apple Ipad might be getting more competition soon other than Samsung this time around http://gizmo.do/eeV2XC



  1. Looks light a all format blue-ray player from Samsung looks pretty sweet http://gizmo.do/eKZ3Uz

  2. Looks like improve active shutter 3D glasses are here to stay for PC and 3d enable TV’s http://engt.co/dI38bR

  3. Looks like alot rumors are out that the Iphone is coming to Verizon on Tuesday, will it have lte speed boost too?http://engt.co/gwZGGK

  4. I read somewhere that Ipad/ tablets have taken 50 percent of netbook market well with type case they merge into onehttp://engt.co/ibebXZ

  5. Red Scarlet Camera looks pretty sweet and owner’s dream of vision more making queneak camera’s is still in focushttp://engt.co/dVFp91

  6. Verizon Lte Gaming looks sweet, tho wonder will it have less lag then Wimax Clear? http://engt.co/eeHJKf

  7. looks like Nvida got some more supporter than LG, Working With Motorola on Tegra 2 devices too http://bit.ly/hXuHlE

  8. Global foundries looks like they are getting a little of everyone’s business at processors, AMD and ARM and ect. http://bit.ly/gI4PZ8

  9. This is what i think future holds for laptop/ smartphone merge say 2 to 3 years from now, pretty neat http://bit.ly/g0aRaZ


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