help me get to CES 2012

ditto on first 3 trys 

still would love to go 🙂

Asked off (done)

asked off for  9-15 of january done double checking monday,,1/1

debating on taking loan..

got my ces badge and stuff to get in..check

(taking new vacation time next month)..check

will be going if christmas mircle happens if not -Hope is still alive..

i might go and say in hostel or ect get into debt.

I ask for sponsership from 3 major players in las vegas but i don’t think anything

will happen but it could. i done few reviews of stuff on camera and windows 8 dev.

I am looking into financing and luck financing (surveys at walmart ect).

i have vaction time i taking off week before xmas because i has to be used or lost.

I would rather work and cash it in..for this trip tho family is on way so i bet i have

a great time and i love being uncle and still trying to put together funds to take care

xmas gifts here…

Michael 12-16-2011

will probly put a wish list later..this weekend or next week..

please donate if you want ces coverage



my other ces coverage for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Help me get to CES2011

I am still trying to get to Ces 2011

and any events in vegas from 6-9

Ces is electronic hardware and i love eletronics..

Can’t buy it but sure do like it. i cover it on my twitter feed.

I plan to do web coverage if everything works out or not.

If make it to vegas then i report after close of each day.

Still need a camera for youtube coverage/ flash videos.

Last year I asked off a month in advance and then i didn’t go.

I will probly still request off. I might not get with work being very fast  past few weeks.

I could still need a Sponsor/ great donation or ???

(click on donate on the bottom of page)


(updated 1/04/2010) i did request off, after i wrote this

i got off on Thurs night to -Sunday i think,,.

still funding issue and place to stay and food..

so probably just reporting from pc.


but maybe could goto work if they call me in.. Working is always fun,

rewarding and taking care of customers is job one.



This below was my request from last year.


Looking for Sponsor to help

Me get to Ces 2010

all CES 2007 and 2008 is on front page tell jan 6-12 -2010

I requested days off but need

help getting to and back from Las Vegas,

and housing in Vegas baby and food if possible….

(editted on 12-20-2010 took out stuff that sounded bad)

If you do decide to fun it. I plan to do reports from the show and plan to report it here.

I would be willing to add your banner and or review your products or services ect.

thanks again.

Michael G.Space.

also so very old podcast..

Note: mininova is mostly public domain things at this time.


thanks again





I haven’t got any help in sponcership and no w2 so no refunds so i probly will not be able to attend ces 2010 i will probly do internet coverage like last year.

Update 1-13-2010

my computer broke just before CES 2010. I am process of fixing it.

I got to work again in feb 2010 ( donated memory to local place that needed it (local resource center that PC’s had 256 ram and windows xp home and very slow but much better with 756 couldn’t ask for it back, they needed it..(read Xmas list from that year updated i thought it their but it was lost in transfer of records from old Joomla to this current one done in Feb) and bought some new memory from cpu and my machine worked again (aging motherboard issue have tor replace (cmos battery in it every 40days or so or dies can’t seem to find the short was in hot storage for 6months.)(i don’t feel giving money to strangers is best way but helping with the tools (education) is good_

(updated 1/04/2010)

I have no covereage of CES 2010.


I hope everyone have a great week.

at this time i was working a parttime job with great company going through christmas first time

and now for the sec; when i attend ces before in 2007 i had full time job and better funds solution (updated 1/04/2010)

Michael G.


 updated 12-31-2011

i am seriously looking at solutions on going to CES 2011

I looking at loans and education grants or requests

happy new year..



Update 01/04/2011

choose not to do a loan finaiances terrible.

i been taking medicines for some problems and they were paid

by  discrict clinic now paid by me makes me not possible to go..

to CES 2011.

I also wrote 3 letters to 3 great Genearal Manager of

Hard Rock Las Vegas

MGM Las Vegas


Safire Las Vegas and ask if they could possibly get me a cut rate deal and fund the trip

had no success at all.. It sucks.. 🙂



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