My birthday is on Saturday on Aril 25 and I'll be 37. 

I wish i could do something fun but likely i just set at home and be bored.

I might get a chance to spend it with family or friends

and if that  I am really lucky have a really fun time.

I wish, I could go out and party.

I wish, I could go to California and Attend La Film School

so I could direct, produce or create Films or Tv Shows or be part of majec..

I wish, I could help poeple reach thier dreams.

I hope, that i can be a great uncle..

these will be my Birthday wishes..



Michael "Space" G.


By the way..

I hope you have a great weekend too


P.S. It also seems i can't spell April too, after noticing i decided it was funny and left it..


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