1. My tweets 🙂 of late january 2011
      Google want to be your hard drive to share your documents and picshttp://bit.ly/gDeMAh
    2. looks like all version of Windows have this Zero day bug, but does Wine? http://bit.ly/i12xL7
    3. Haven’t had date in few years it would nice to have one.. 🙂
    4. This is great for People and Egypt but who then leads the Country?http://yhoo.it/hqNhJQ
    5. Health Care shouldn’t be required but could be subsidized / take off Tax bill ect http://yhoo.it/iblAGf
    6. i don’t know if they should have released as a rumor.. I want a Win for Egypt and Win for USA http://yhoo.it/eUzTpw
    7. Photonic chips are Neat http://bit.ly/fWrZEV
    8. one of the free antivirus other AVG i recommend is Avast free, nice to see the features for free users http://bit.ly/hfihy2
    9. I think this is crazy apple seeding the server market to Microsoft and Linux. With all growth from Mac sales anywayhttp://bit.ly/hHVPBs
    10. also another really fun free game to play, i thought it would popular with New Tron Movie in theartres http://bit.ly/gM5ofv
    11. cool game http://bit.ly/giYOJu
    12. sleep for work tomaroow later
    13. just played game of warsow (quake like game) with some Russians, pretty cool how international games are now
    14. I don’t know if this bods well for United States or Israel, i hope everything works out for Egyptians and allies http://yhoo.it/dV7mb8
    15. just came across Tin Eye its pretty neat way to trak photos online give it a try http://bit.ly/bkk6Mo
    16. Did not really know Zte even existed tell this week, but their pretty huge company manking everyone else phones http://bit.ly/hghIgg
    17. looks like honeycomb might run on some android smart phones..http://bit.ly/h5Bhf4
    18. looks like Disney is getting into Android too, kinda cool in Japanhttp://bit.ly/i3ibkN
    19. looks like another way to produce biofuels http://bit.ly/f71ioW
    20. Angry Birds Rio coming in March looks fun, another hit comminghttp://bit.ly/hF35nX



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