Yeah I publish this every year on website..

I can dream can't I  (yeah, I do and usually big 🙂 


Get some cards from you for xmas..

hey its feedback 🙂

My address
P.O. Box 7492
Amarillo,Tx 79114
or phyical address please  e-mail for ups
 can't recieve steaks or food at p.o. box because i check once a week lol
Prayers are always welcome and appratiated..
Note from a famous person or get a note to friend that might like it

get some cards from You to

Noah or Soliders ..It would be cool and they would appricate it..

or thier familys or Nurses or doctors

cash or donations for me to do as i see
may just help me or it may help others with it.
Donate to charity (for yourself not me! dummy 🙂 )
 or help someone in need or vollenteer..
 Steaks or Chicken
or cookies other tasty food
 Gas for car
hevey duty Black work socks
New pair of black pants
36 by 30in..
$20 at walley world..
 2 gig ddr 1
Storage rent
nike air monarch
size 12
Black for work
my current shoes suck..



Dvd/Blu-ray Burner $150

Windows 7 Upgrade 64 bit
Pay ticket Vilation
Pay for my domains $60
pay for hosting for my websites $70 for 1 year or 140 for 2years
Hd 5750 video Card (not that needed)
 Itouch 8 ot 16 gb
Some stuff i got at Pawn
A Zoom Lens for my camera so i can be more flexible
for my phtography

Canon – 55-250mm f/4-5.6 Telephoto Zoom Lens for Select Canon Cameras
Comptia A+ Training
 Rent paid up for another month
$440 be cool
otherwise I'll pay it myself  🙁
Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
Real estate training $500
or possibly invest tools (no money to invest tho..LOL)
and or Sales Training
Cadlic converter and exause
and inspection and tags
??? 600ish

CES 2010 Trip 500- ???
Registered (it was free)
but trying to come up with lodging and funds to travel
 I can get off work to attend.
can get off to attend but haven't paid for flight there
and lodging and ect..I am photographer i can take a great photo of your product ect.
A vacation…
 New car possibly
Massage Thearpy Training
L.A. Film School 
$50,000 for year
I sometime think about film and tv
or work behind the seens at movie or tv show..

  i mailed cards out Noah did you?

and I was  very lucky that a great group of friends at work, chicken place and bookstore signed also! Really cool!

updated 12-11-2009

updated on 12-12-2009

updated on  12-17-2009

 i mailed cards out to army walter reed, also did you?

and my local VA hospital 🙂

Did you?

  updated again 12-20-2009

kinda fun updating it.. Feel like a little kid..(I am 38)


nothing is expected..

thanks for reading it hope it was entertaining..

Is your any better?

Its my Xmas wish list for Santa or Family.

P.S. i do work but partime, and do have my own apartment witch i pay for that job.

thanks and have a great week, month and Very Happy New Year..

Updated 12-28-2009

got nothing.. 🙁 but not suprising. I am blessed that do have a job ect.

Hope you got everything you wanted!

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