I just wanted to ask all visiters Today to Pray for those whom lost thier lives on Sept. 11,2001. It was hugh lost to our Country and world at large. We lost alot good people. We also lost Fireman and police; whom would have saved additional lives if they would have lived so my thoughts and wishes go out there family’s and friends. I later learned that my brother was in the Air on that day;  I am very glad he is still with us today. He is great dad to his son.



Anyway.. lets end the Addiction to Mideast Oil.

maybe we could use this process:

prototype cancer treatment machineResearcher
John Kanzius, seen here experimenting with radio waves to kill cancer
cells in a 2005 photo, discovered that salt water could be "burned" by
exposing it to a radio wave generator. The finding has some excited
about salt water’s potential as an abundant fuel source. Picture from (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Possible energy from salt water.. using radio waves to make hydrogen come out and gernerate Electricity



also we could possiby use this process in our Coal Fuel Plants to genarerate Oil (and turn that into gas for our cars ) and Power for our houses!

www.billingsgazette.com coal to oil and Electric article

 www.peabodyenergy.com  Oil Conversion from Coal 

and finally from  http://www.rexresearch.com

from Coal — Free!

Karrick LTC Process


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