Now in Los Angeles for couple of weeks..

Been to Brandie and Brooke Party from myspace.

It was fun and dancing with some girls there was cool, and meeting new friends was nice.

I left my camera at home so i no pics in Photo Gallery. 

Bars and restruants seem expensive so i don’t hit the town much.

Working hard trying to find work.
Been looking for work at Brick and mortar places,News Paper,  Craig lists, Monster
and Career Builder.. Been traveling to these places with rides from my
sister or by Foot, Train or Bus.

  • Foot is tough but slow after more than a few miles.
  • Trains/Metro  are fun and relaxing. — Can read a book or talk on Cell
  • Buses are fun but slow and stressful sometimes – can read if not crowded

Using Google finding foot routes is great, driving routes great but no Train/ Metro or Bus routes in Los Angeles.


 I am planing on make a post related to finding work and resume and interviews in later post. I been researching it as i go on.

on a side note: (Personal Bad News) 

I lost my wallet, if found please click contact us on left and message me.


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