Old Hard Ware Review of Kensington keyboard and Logitech Mouse


I was wanting to do Hardware Reviews for Spacesbox.com

I wanted to do through reviews but been fighting things in my mind kind of so i created some videos

reviews to tell about different stuff. It mostly old stuff i have around the house. I wrote to few hardware producers and had no luck getting devices or things to do reviews.

This is review about a :

Kensington Keyboard

I baught to for a friend then mine broke and he was generous to give me one back.

I have it and been about two years.

I spill a Coke on it and thought it a goner but decided to throw in the Shower and wash it and

let it dry out and it worked. It was left to dry for 2 days or so and it is a “splash proof keyboard”.

I later spilled another drink and work ever scince and i am currently using it to write this very review.

Secound is a :

Logitech Mouse

It works great but is uses a usb connection works

plays some games nicely have had problem had sticky fingers on it

but its not splash proof

Also one last thing

you could shook  or possibly hurt yourself if you spill drinks or food around a computer.

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