Other places i visited while in California. These places impressed me in some way.

I went to La Jolla in SanDiego and had a chance to tour REA. REA deals with Commercial Real Estate. It is a interesting program to invertory your real estate and link with database and Microsoft Outlook and do commerical Real Estate Sales. It was interesting how much information that could be used in useful way.

The secound place i visited was:





 My sister wanted me to look into thier job training and placement oportunities.

I was living with my sister and she drop me off then i rode the bus from her location to Chrysalis location.

I learned some job training and life traing exercises and listen to some clases and meet some poeple from different areas of life.

The third place I toured was:

David & Goliath  Agency in Los Angeles County near LAX Airport work is casual but very professional. I noticed they are out of the Box Thinkers. They think big like Donald Trump. They take care of Advertisements for some Las Vegas Properties and car maker of fine Kia Automobiles.

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