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Our story

Spacesbox was formed to Help People with Technology Needs. We due many different things. We have YouTube Channels. I am Google It Certified. I Got a degree in Networking Computers, Photography, and Video

We would like to give you the Best Customer Service

I will Design you a website, Or Tutor you in Computer stuff, Eddit Your Videos, Take Photography of Your Wedding, Walk Your dog, or House Sit

Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

Best Price for Your Work

Benefit 2

A Professional Results

Benefit 3

Great Customer Service.

Benefit 4

Helping A disabled Individual Aquire Work.

Client Testimonials

Michael was knowledgeable and patient guiding me to a solution remotely when I had problems with an older laptop. He also assisted me in person to retrieve photos off of my daughter’s broken laptop (a lifesaver!). Additionally he has helped me several times with tv/hook up issues and other computer questions over the past few years. Michael is determined to find solutions to any tech issues! He is also helping me to create a website for my home business! Call him for help with little or big issues!

Michael Gulde builds great computers, as he has custom built a couple for my family. He gives tremendous, ongoing computer tech support 24-7. We don't have to take our computer into a repair shop as Michael can use Team Viewer to repair our computers from afar. He shows much passion and dedication to alleviating any computer glitches or problems real time, and is just the best with resolving issues. We can call him with the problem, and he can walk us through diagnostic tests with or without Face Time. We completely trust him with our computers, and we enjoy working with this computer guru! He helped us connect Amazon Prime, MP4, and You Tube to our Blue Ray DVD player. He also stays on top of the latest products and can guide anyone to cost effective technological or computer needs on Amazon.
Michele C.
“Great guy. Honest efficient and true to his word! Hooked me up properly and got me on my way.
Dynal R

Let Me Help You with your Technology Needs

I do great Customer Service.