Part II of CES 2008

By Space  from the Web

Hear Bill Gates and Others Keynotes

Keynotes are thier sale pitchs of New Technology. 

i read alot tech News.

One of my favorite is Anandtech.

Anandtech Ces Coverage

and there sister Site


Daily Tech Coverage of CES 2008 


other Favorite is
Toms Hardware Guide


Toms Hardware Guide CES 2008 Coverge 


Also there are in Spacesbox Newsfeeds

If you are interested in me adding  or removing  Newsfeeds  message me through contact us

Next over at  


Hitachi has a super Thin Plasma Big Screen Display 





















































Also at Crunchgear

Intel Leaving  Olpc

Cheap Laptop for Kido’s in Afica, Middle East and South America

 OLPC Home

Suppose to be  laptop for a Child at About $100 now its a little more about $200 to  $300 range

 More OLPC info at wikipedia

OLPC turns cranky at Inquirer













 The Register got hold a 

Samsung YP-P2 personal media player

samsung yap


















also there

Sony joins Amazon in Selling it music 

The company that took the place of Allofmemp3

A russian company that sells Music in the mp3 format

not endoresed by Spacesbox is trouble with British

the company is called

CES 08: Microsoft Surface Demo


hddvd and blueray



















Ritek puts both Blu-ray and HD-DVD burning on one disk

Simular to Total HD  and later Axed and Warner decided to go

Blue-Ray Instead.

Some Cool Nokia Phones at Inquirer 

the Amiga OS is making a comback.

It now called Amiga Anywhere Operating System

CES 08:DisplayLink USB video card
Display connecting 
monitors to are PC’s.


HD 3870X2 that is two  graphics cores on One Video Card from AMD.

AMD is trying to get the proformance crown back.

this is found on

the benchmark is found here 






















And lastly

here a link to  

You Tube CES 2008 Coverage 

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