I admire my dad, Dr. Robert Gulde because he devoted his life to Patient Care tell he retired recently. He had the most detail look at Patient Care with very detailed Patient Records. He loves change people lives through knowlegde and healthly living. Stop those Carbos and you might use his diet. His office is now closed. He is writing his book that he hope will change few minds.

I admire Richard Branson for his visionary views and wanting to create independent Space travel, breaking us of the Oil habit and replacing it with renewables like wind,solar and biofuels. 

I admire Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki for they want to share thier knowledge and possible power bymaking  you more finnical independent and possibly changing your destiny. They are also great writers of books and Tv shows. Donald's Apprentice is very popular. They both have great and informative websites like Trump and Richdad. They try to give you all info so that you can act and change your life.

I admire Michael Bay for bringing the Transformers to life on Big Screen. I also think from what a read he is very good director and works with actors and gets the film to be great.

I admire how Michael Jackson brought passion to music and also how he brought new dance steps and new ways to dance to world. He now has Britney Spears and Christina Agulaire bringing  it because he started it.

I also admire how Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been able to recreate thier lifes after strife and and problems. They  then come out and lead the pack again. They are also good buniess ladies creating strong and enterprising empires of various products and shows.

I ilke to watch Tom Hanks, Will SmithCameron Diaz, and other actors and actresses for bringing life to chacters and bringing new life to old chacters. Tom Hanks in Big and Phillidelphia.  Will Smith in I Robot and I am Legend.  Cameron Diaz in What happens in Vegas.

I also Admire Hero's TV show and  Spiderman Anaimated and films too and Marval and DC Comics also Showman Jump with Naruto and Bleach.

I glad Stan Lee created Spider-Man and other super Heros for Marval.

I do like his compition also at Dc Comics. I like Batman, Superman and The Green Latern.




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