Photo-shoot by Accident on Thursday..

I though about this article i posted over in my myspace blog

and decided to added it her also..


Thursday, February 18, 2010


I had a good day to..
I got up at 10 am … ate some breakfast
then got my laundry together and
went to laundry mat.
I got everything washed and dried
I got help lady with her laundry and
some kids play on horse..
I then took stuff home…
I organized my stuff and hanged it and put it away..
then i realized it was a great day so i went off to
medipark lake and took a walk
it was great day for a walk..
I got to see all duck and geese.
I got to meet some interesting people
i got to remember coming here before.
I remembered how i took a friend here
about 15 years ago and
did a photo shoot.
I missed doing photography.
then like little miracles…
I walked up to two girls doing a photo shoot.
She looked like she was doing fine but
need question answered so i offered to help
I forgot couple things from photography classes
i took in college. She was taking pics of her friend.
She was wearing black and getting things turned out white (under exposed).
I originally thought it was
white balance on her camera.
Or color temp that her camera
was set to 5000 vs 9300.
I realized later, it was possibly exposer.
Over or under Exposer
You have to over expose dark object or
if light object you would under expose film/pic.
I had played Canon 30d at Bestbuy in 2008
so i was a little rusty.
I wish i could have figured it out
then – but i had to go to work..
and so i left after telling her how to fix the white balance/ color temp thingy
I had  a good day at work
and I came home and decided to write
this article..
Have a great weekend!

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