I recently read some insightful articles on Wired magine in 16/09 August 2008 Future of Electric Car.

Hai Agassi and Better Place and Autos and Electric Cars by daniel roth. It detailed how a company is trying to make electric car be like our cell phones and buy miles (like gas at recharge stations around the country/globe). It one of the ways that we can get off of our addiction to Gas and then lower the price of petroleum/Gas.


Pics our from Red.com (RED Digital Cinema)

After reading that i read a article on Jim Jannard of Red Digital Cinema by  michael Debar. As a photography buff and love of television and Film it was more interesting to me. It detailed how Jim wasn’t satified with the status quo of the digital film camera and decided to change it.  He decided to go 4k or better and have the quality of 35m film or better. Red Digital Cinema created a simple but nuek product that beat anthing in its domain at that time. I like how it used standard mounts for lenses and like. I like how you could rap focus between items. I searched for more information on Jim and found his personal website for his Photography. I read review or two here  at gizmo of 4k model and there at comsumer info of the 3k model.

Other thing that i thought was interesting was Red Digital Cinema is going into producing Projectors. I recently lived with man while looking for work in San Diego area and had the oportunity to watch films projected by a 720 P Hd projector on a 7 by 12 foot screen. He latter tried a 1020 p hd projector and i notice how the clearity of projection was increased. Digital Red wants to go to 4k projector witch probly will be used first in the Theatres then possibly at home. I also had a chance to see IRON MAN projected on Digitally in Theatre down in San Diego when it  came out. At first i was really worried because of quality then after the pre show activities the the HD projector took over and the movie was good as Film based movie experience. I would think when the Red Digital comes out the projector would surpase that experience.

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