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It Space again from   and this week I am giving out a List of recommend Software.

People come up to me and ask my opinion on different software and i thought i would give out a list.

 I really like free software. No cost and great benifits.

So I hope you like it.

Partially updated on 8-28-2009

AntiVirus Program

Please Download : Avast Home Edition @ – Scan your computer for viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. – Review and free download at

Updated 8-28-2009 Version here 

OR from thier webpage Download here: 

Update from web Here  

The Only free Anti-Virus That I recommend,

To keep it free you must register it with avast.  Click here to register free for year. 

also a good one is AVG

click here for it  


 Anti Spyware / Anti-Trogan Horses

Spyware and popups are anonying and can be hazorus  so get rid of them.

Spybot is a completely free product.

IF you like it you could donate

Please Download :Spybot – Search & Destroy @ – Search your hard disk and Registry for threats to your security and privacy. – Review and free download at

Updated 08-28-2009 one here 

OR from thier webpage..Download here.. 

Update from web Here   or Here is the webpage : Please download : Detection updates and / or  program updates


 Please Download :Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition @ Download .com – Scan your system for ad-supported software components and remove them. – Review and free download at

OR from thier webpage..Download here.. 

Update from web Here 


Firewall Software 

 Please download :ZoneAlarm @ Zone Alarm – Protect your Internet connection from hackers and other security breaches. – Review and free download at

OR from thier webpage..Download here..

Updated 8-28-2009  one here 


Other Software I recommend 

Not updated possibly newer avaible on web on 08-28-2009

Please download : FireFox @  The award-winning Web browser just got better. It’s free, and easy to use. Join the millions of people worldwide enjoying a better Web experience.

Updated 9-25-2008 version 

Please downlaod : VideoLAN @ – Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS! Watch Mutidiferent Video/Audio Formats with this viewer.

updated 9-25-2008 

FFDSHOW All in on CODEC: Watch Movies of many different Formats  

FFDSHOW 9-25-2008 at Sourceforge 

or use k-lite pack that includes FFDSHOW

Click here 9-25-2008 version 

 Please download : Eraser – Free secure data erase tool to wipe files on your hard drive
Secure Data Removal Tool to wipe, erase and clean files and history including index.dat

Please download:  IrfanView @ – Try a fast and flexible image viewer and editor. – Review and free download at or  @ homepage   and Irfanview and extra  Plugins

updated 09-25-2008 version 

You might also download :Adobe Macromedia® Flash® Player 9

You might also download : Adobe® Reader® 9.0

You might also download : Adobe Macromedia® Shockwave® Player

Well I know tha's alot of software but hopefully It will make your web experience batter.

Last thing you might check your bandwidth @ CNET Click here.  





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