I recently got to go to Get Motivated! in Fort Worth.
I was extremely lucky by I didn't have to pay for anything other than drive a car a little way to Fort Worth.
Fort Worth, Texas is a really pretty town and nice Down town.
I had  real nice dinner at friends Marvin in Fort Wort and later stayed at Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Worth Cultural District.

Later we had another nice dinner again (with Marvin and his wife and friends)  and drove back to Amarillo Texas.

It was very nice Residence/ home from home. It was stocked with pull away bed, large queen sized bed.
It had a pool and Jacuzzi. I had the chance to swim for 45 minutes but it was a little cold (68-84) but Jacuzzi was ripe 95 to 110.
So Jacuzzi made up for it. The staff was more than helpful. They woke us up in morning. I went to the Great breakfast they had.
It had things from eggs,bacon, cereal, donuts and other goodies and morning drinks of juice and coffee. It was so tasty.
The staff/cook was extremely helpful and check with everyone their about 15 or 20 people at time i ate at 715 in morning.
I was extremely please about the breakfast. They took us over to to Get Motivated! in Fort Worth got their before the first
speaker Robert Schuler.

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