Just read this and i do think its really cool and Important!

The respect between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs..

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Steve Jobs is in Black shirt and Bill Gates is in the White shirt

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BIll thinks very high of Steve because how he went back into Apple and basically brought it back

and made it competive and brought out great products like Iphone, Itunes and Ipod.

I repect and admire both of these Men because of what they done for the computer

Industry and personalifcation of Computers and Mac OS and WIndows.

How they created something that was new and interesting.

I also hope that Steve Jobs gets better after his medical problems.

thanks and have a great day..



I also work in Retail and Both 

Apple Products and Microsoft Products Usually have outstanding Quality and Work Great.



I been using computers and mac's scince the Mac 512k came out and Windows 3.1 and 286

And just recently had opportunity to play with Mac Pro (1 year ago), I-phone at At&t Store and think they are pretty cool and had opportunity to Beta Test some Microsoft products in past Window 3.1 server, Windows Xp, Window Live for PC and play with Windows 7 RC 

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