I went to Hilton Garden Inn here in Amarillo Texas for a  Free Rich Dad Education , Your guide to get out of the Rat Race.
The Course was "Choose to Be Rich Course" and you got a Free Gift: Budgeting your Money and Increasing your Financial IQ.
I have not had a chance to review "Budgeting your Money and Increasing your Financial IQ".

First thing to say:
I walked into Hilton Garden Inn and it was Pretty and Modern Inn. It was very clean and refreshing appearance.
The staff seemed friendly and helpful. Might be a good place to visit while visiting Amarillo Area.

Next on the Course:

It was given by Apprentice Jessie Conners. She showed us a PowerPoint Slide presentation. She told me about through the course
you would learn about opportunities, get the Knowledge and put that into action. She had with her actual deals in Investing Real Estate and we could
 look through them after she finished her presentation. She also spoke about Cashflow and  or 1031 exchanges
 She recommended people to read Warden Buffets book : Snowball . I have not read it yet. She liked this quote:
 Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.

She told us about meeting Both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki at different times.

She spoke about Morages and Foreclosures and 2007 and 2008 are at record levels. She told facts that 10% > 90% of the countries wealth.
She spoke of responsibility to self. She also spoke about Identifying opportunies in Investing in Real Estate, Stocks and Mining and Tax Certificates.
She mainly spoke about REO own properties that is Real Estate Owned by Bank and could be bought possibly at good price and Knowledge it takes to
to do just that. She spoke about capital, location — location — location and leverage. How you could manage your property from a distance.
She also spoke about Rich Education other 12 classes they provide. We after class were invited to buy the course and see her purchases and
listen to additional ideas if we bought the course. I did not have funds so i went home with my free gift. It was nice way to spend a day off work. 

It was pretty informative meeting. I been before to a Trump Institute Meeting and this meeting was just as good.
thanks for reading this and I will be updates when i watch "Budgeting your Money and Increasing your Financial IQ".

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