Michael Gulde &


Phone is 94942help6


Technical Services



Computer Services

· Virus Removal

· Malware removal

· You ask me I try fix Problems


Custom Websites

· Joomla based

· Publisher

· Source code


Photography Services

· Landscape




Prices vary on what needs to be done*


A: If I can use Team Viewer to remote in is $fee via PayPal it and do the work my home.

1. Have to have a high-speed internet connection

2.Must install Team Viewer ( I can walk you through install and configuration on phone



B: If I have to drive to your place or work/home to fix repair problem

I have to charge $Travel + $hourly rate dollar fee and I will do whatever I can do to please you and complete your service.


Please Note:


· I work from home

· no fancy office

· i can make arrangements for drop off or charge a pickup fee*

· I do travel to and from location needing help.


Sincerely Michael Gulde

& Spacesbox.com

Phone is 94942help6


I work Part-time from Home disabled individual.

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