Space’sBox and Michael G

wish you a

Very Merry Christmas 2015



I placed this on my door for local holiday contest at my apartment. If we won we could get some money off rent. I believe in good of people and goodness of Jesus and God. I mixed the two with Santa and Cross-North Star. I wondered if Santa lived forever like some children stories would he be one of wise men that navigated by north Star to see baby Jesus. I just wonder this..Also both check list and know if you been mean or nice and sometimes naughty is ok(like giving friend a hard time but still love your friend..) I am religious but sometimes I am not. I attend more than few different churchs all believe in one god and Jesus. I do think people deserve their own religious freedom wheather to believe in a tree or Jesus or money or believe in nothing.. I do know Both Santa and Jesus have done a lot good. I still love rudeoff red nose reindeer  and frosty. I still sometimes sleep with bear and be a horse for family member kid.. I really enjoyed donating 20 or more minutes taking in persents for toy for tots here locally. (I didn’t donate this year other than have the banner). I still hope that I may go to CES and get a lot presents and my family and friends get a lot gifts too.

Thanks and Have  Merry Christmas and see ya next year too

Michael/ Space from

P.S. Now have a great holliday Season( if you are Jew, a hindew or muslim or atheslist  or ect have great holliday too and celebrate it with friends and family and smile that you are there with them or in spirt with them .

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