Steve Jobs dies at 56

He was one of my personal hero’s. I received a mac 512k from my sister and played with it for some time back in early 80’s.

I loved click and touch computers i was in love. it was so much more than the 286 and basic and text. It created the way for Microsoft to borrow the windows interface and create windows95, then 98 then me and Windows 2000 and then Windows Xp and then Vista and windows 7. He also brought digital music to the masses with the Ipod player and then the iphone then itouch and ipad. I personally like how  he did his presentations of new products at conventions and on the web. He also help created Next computers what at its time was one of the first multitasking computers. He help get off the ground pixlar Studios studio’s with financing and Toy Story was born. I still love watching Cars. I will miss the man. I thought him as a very 1 and million individual. This man will be missed.

Michael G


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