I had the opportunity to learn to cook for a friend in San Diego. I did the shopping,some cleaning, a little painting and cooking.

I am a steak and potato type guy. I had the oportunity to try to move to San Diego and try to find Technical work there. Also help friend to get to his appointments (medical) and runs arrons and do a little work.  But we are here to discuss Stir-Frying using a Breville Gourmet Wok.  I know, I am no Bobby Flay or Top Chef but i tried my best preparing these stir-fry meals. 


 Sirloin 1 6 ounce steak

flank 1  6 once steak

Apple* 1cut into slices

Pineapple*  2 slices

 12 onces of mushrooms

1 carote

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 sweet onion diced

1/2 cumcomber

4 diced  ??

 Other things used

6 to 12 ounces of Teriyaki Sauce

Some Oil (Penut or vegetable Olls or spray Olls)

**1 round table pizza spice or your choice of fire ingrediant or peppers

* for sweetness and flavor

** Might make it too hot to eat so be carefull the amount used


Ok Now, You chop the ingredients into small cookable pieces as in below photo’s. You then turn on Breville Gourmet Wok
turn it to 8 and cook all vegitables tell done while adding oil and
Teriyaki Sauce.  After that place on warm plate then put meat into wok (move dial to 12)
cook it tell it medium to well done (friend like medium and i was
closer to medium well done with no pink) then re- add meat and
vegitables and mix together and serve *(add spice at this time making
sure not to make it too spicy).


Electric Wok

The Ingredients




Opnions agan


Secret Ingredient Pineapple

Various Ingredients


All the Vegitables mixing and cooking

Steaming some too

Mixing 3

Mixing 4

Dropping in onions

Droping Onions 2

Droping Mushrooms

Droping apples (secret Ingredients)

Droping In Various Ingredients


Mixing Ingredients

Mixing 1

Mixing 2

Droping Pineapples

Pine Apples in


Mixing all

Adding some spice Via round table Pizza Red Pepper

All Done Time to Eat

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